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For the rapid establishment of a basic green cover over large areas.

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Contents ( 1.00 kg )
  • 60% JUBILEE certified Amenity Ryegrass
  • 40% NUSPRINT certified Annual Ryegrass
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    Contents per hectare ( 0.00 kg )
      Contents ( 25.00 kg )
      • 60% JUBILEE certified Amenity Ryegrass
      • 40% NUSPRINT certified Annual Ryegrass
      SKU: GSS-BL4

      For those requiring bulk, fast growing grass seed to get a site green and tidy in the shortest possible time.
      ***NEW FORMULA***
      This 100% amenity ryegrass mixture is ideal for sowing early or late in the growing season. Quick Green Up may also be a solution to the emergency reinstatement of damaged ground when fast, presentable recovery from bare soil is essential before a social function or event.
      Annual ryegrass has been refined from agricultural Westerwold Ryegrass and retains high energy reserves within it’s seed so will generally germinate at lower temperatures compared to most other grass species.
      Post germination, the resulting ground cover will be very fast to establish providing ample moisture and soil nutrients are present. On poor quality, stony or free draining soils an equal quantity of pre-seed fertiliser to boost early growth is well worth considering.
      The extra seed vigor of annual ryegrass in this fast growing grass seed mixture enables the emerging seedlings to very quickly establish roots and shoots, even if the seedbed is not ideally prepared. Annual ryegrass is obviously short lived and is only included in the mixture to provide cover whilst the amenity creeping ryegrass becomes fully established.

      Sow this seed mixture at the recommended rate over a firm seedbed with a little loose soil on the surface, rake the seeds into the loose soil, roll or tread over to squeeze the seed into good contact with the seedbed.

      20-50 grams per square metre

      March to October

      25.00 kg covers a minimum of 500 square metres


      • Produce a firm, weed free seedbed clear of large stones and any other debris.
      • Rake or harrow over the surface to create a thin layer of fine soil (tilth) approximately 10-20mm deep.
      • Split the total quantity of amenity grass seed to be applied into two equal amounts.
      • Apply the first half over the entire area either by hand or by using a broadcast spreader.
      • Gently work most of the applied seeds into the tilth with a firm rake or harrow.
      • Apply the remaining seed in the same way and again, rake or harrow most of them into the tilth.
      • Finally, use a light to medium weight flat roller to squeeze the seeds and tilth down into the seedbed.This method ensures the amenity grass seeds are evenly spread, set at different depths and in good contact with the soil. All of which helps to anchor the seeds in position so as not to float away during heavy or persistant rainfall and to retain the correct moisture level for quicker germination.
      • Amenity grass seed may also be surface sown however, germination may be uneven and significantly slower particularly during periods of prolonged sunny, dry or windy weather even with regular irrigation.