recognised the birth of online seed sales and is now over 16 YEARS OLD (with 30+ years in the trade).
Many thanks to all of our customers.

GSS Direct Ltd (Formerly: The Grass Seed Store Ltd) is a dedicated internet company trading solely on-line to supply end users with a high quality product MIXED. PACKED AND DISPATCHED TO ORDER which is then quickly delivered directly via a UK carrier network.

Every order and customer enquiry receives nothing less than 100% of our attention.

We stock all of the individual grass species listed on our website at our processing plant. These are held in bulk lots ready to be blended, packed and dispatched on demand.

As we do not pre-mix (and neither are we middlemen to other merchants products) we therefore have greater flexibility in our processing system which allows for:

Small Batch Mixing
Adjustment of Mixture Constituents to Customers Requirements
Adjustment of Packing or Bag Size to Customers Requirements
100% Bespoke Mixtures
Fast Dispatch of Repeat Bespoke Mixtures

All seeds are mixed in accordance with FERA (part of DEFRA) seeds processing regulations and meet all standards and requirements of purity and germination.
Every seed lot reference number and mixture of seed lots is recorded for assurance of traceability.

If there is anything GSS Direct Ltd can do to be of service please CONTACT US at any time.

Bulk Grass Seed Supplier