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Multiply the length of the area by the width of the area by the appropriate sowing rate (i.e. 50 grams per square metre for lawn areas, 35 for landscape) then ÷ by 1000 to give the total weight of seed required in kilograms.

Example a) For a lawn area 15 metres by 28 metres. 15 x 28 x 50 ÷ 1000 = 21.00 kg
Example b) For a large landscape area 40 metres x 125 metres x 35 ÷ 1000 = 175.00 kg

Amenity ryegrass (or dwarf ryegrass) is a durable, hardwearing, small leaf ryegrass purposely bred for lawn, landscape and sports field use. Although the origins of ryegrass stem mainly from farm use many years of selective cross breeding mean modern varieties no longer share the same course broadleaf and aggressive growth characteristic of common agricultural ryegrass.

Any seeds mixture requiring a hardwearing property should contain at least 20% amenity ryegrass.

Only certified seeds have been tested and comply with the European Standards for seed purity and germination.

From the FERE (part of DEFRA) website. “Seed Certification is a quality assurance process which ensures that seeds are sufficiently pure, healthy, viable and correctly labelled. Seeds marketing is regulated and, for most species, only seeds which have been certified may be sold.”

If stored in a breathable container and in ambient temperatures, grass seed should keep well for 2-3 years without a significant drop in viability.

As with all types of seeds it is best to avoid storage in sealed plastic containers and/or plastic bags. Do not store in damp buildings, centrally heated rooms and above all avoid any places which are air conditioned. A cool and dry shed, outbuilding or garage is ideal. Remember, you are effectively looking after the live cells within the germ of the seed.

Only certified seeds have been tested and comply with the European Standards for seed purity and germination.

From the FERE (part of DEFRA) website. “In a well prepared seedbed with adequate soil moisture during long, warm and overcast days (and with near equally warm nights) germination may be as quick as 4 or 5 days however, the more limited these conditions are the longer germination will take, even with regular irrigation.

In extended spells of hot, sunny weather, times of low rainfall or prolonged cold conditions with short days, germination can take many weeks and very little may happen until more favourable day length, temperatures and/or rainfall persist.


We can only offer a basic Monday to Friday service with our contract carriers.

Whilst we make every effort to process and dispatch orders within a requested time line, we do not currently offer a guaranteed next day delivery service. If we promise to dispatch an order within a certain time/on a certain day etc, we most certainly will but please consider our reliance on carrier and postal services. If things do go wrong we will always do our very best to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

At the moment we can only deliver to registered UK addresses.

Collections can be arranged directly from our store at GL54 2EZ Monday to Friday within usual office hours only.

To guarantee product quality and customer service all of our products are mixed to order at our main store near Bourton on the Water, Gloucestershire and are dispatched directly to the end user via a carrier network. Our particular range of seed mixtures are not currently available at any other retail outlet.