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Historically, native annual wildflower seeds established amongst spring sown cereals such as wheat, barley and oats until the introduction of modern intensive farming methods promoted 100% clean crops for maximum returns. The wildflower seeds would have been disturbed and brought to the soils surface during cultivations prior to spring wheat, oats or barley being sown. The robust cereal crop supported the more delicate wildflower plants which bloomed during the summer and set seed before the crop was harvested.

During harvest the wildflower seeds would drop to the ground which was then cultivated incorporating the next generation of seeds back into the topsoil where they remained dormant until once again disturbed by further cultivations.

This native annual wildflower seeds mixture should ideally be early – late spring sown on to a sunny, well prepared and weed free seedbed to emulate the aforementioned conditions. A mid autumn sowing can also produce effective results

1 to 5 grams per square metre

Early to late spring

250 grams covers a minimum of 50 square metres


  • Rake or harrow the area hard to break up the surface and expose the soil.
  • Split the total quantity of wildflower seeds to be applied into two equal amounts. If necessary, add dry sharp sand or sterile topsoil to bulk the mixture up a little.
  • Apply the first half over the entire area either by hand or by using a broadcast spreader.
  • Apply the remaining seed in the same way.
  • Finally, lightly tread over or roll the surface to squeeze the seeds and tilth down into the seedbed. This ensures the seeds are evenly spread and in good contact with the soil which not only helps to anchor the seeds into position (so as not to float away during heavy or persistant rainfall) but to also maintain the correct moisture level for more reliable germination.
  • Wildflower meadow seeds may also be surface sown however, germination may be uneven and significantly slower particularly during periods of prolonged sunny, dry or windy weather even with regular irrigation.
This 100% wildflower seeds mixture contains the following native species:

30% Corn Cockle (grostemma githago)
30% Cornflower (centaurea cyanus)
20% Corn Marigold (chrysanthemum segetum)
15% Field Poppy (papaver rhoeas)
5% Corn Chamomile (anthemis arvensis)