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25KG AUTUMN FERT. 10-10-10


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10-10-10 is an excellent autumn fertilizer for use on any established, low maintenance turf to encourage good year round colour without excessive leaf growth or as a low nitrogen  dressing on Lawns, Sports Fields, General Landscape and Equine Pasture.

Sow at 25 to 35 grams per square metre. 100 to 150 kg per acre (Spring to Late Autumn).

For the best results apply 10-10-10 granular fertiliser evenly at the recommended rate during damp conditions or prior to when rain is expected unless sufficient irrigation can be applied.
Avoid using during hot weather or periods of drought.
Allow at least 2- 3 days after rainfall for granules to fully dissolve before using a grass box or collector box when mowing the treated area.

This Autumn Fertilizer product is essentially non hazardous and non toxic but please take sensible precautions during use.
See label for full details.