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General purpose Spring Fertilizer (spring to summer) for high traffic areas such as Hard Wearing Lawns, Sports Fields, Camping, Touring and any other Amenity Sites.

The higher nitrogen content encourages faster regrowth of regularly damaged areas by foot, vehicle or animal traffic and helps maintain excellent colour of all well established, hardworking grasses.

Apply spring fertilizer at 25 to 35 grams per square metre. 100 to 150 kg per acre.

For the best results evenly broadcast spring fertiliser over the surface to be treated during damp conditions or prior to when rain is expected unless sufficient irrigation can be applied.
Avoid using during prolonged periods of hot weather or drought.
Usual grass cutting may continue 2- 3 days after rainfall or as soon as the granules have fully dissolved.
On particularly impoverished land 20-10-10 may also be incorporated into the seedbed as a much stronger Pre-seed fertiliser

This Spring fertilizer product is essentially non hazardous and non toxic but please take sensible precautions during use.
See label for full details.