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PRESTO certified Timothy


A general description of Timothy Grass
and its usual use.


Timothy Grass
Phleum pratense

Produces early spring and mid season growth in grazing pastures and hay meadows.
Timothy grass is a must for good quality and diverse UK agricultural grass seed mixtures such as Permanent Horse Pasture and Pony Paddock plus long term grazing blends for Cattle or Sheep. As a native species to the UK it does very well both with or without clover and is commonly found established as a non competitive companion grass with more obscure species such as Meadow Fescue, Sainfoin and Lucerne.
Timothy grass is surprisingly responsive to fertiliser applications which can significantly improve yields however, the main reasons for including Timothy in a grass sward is both it’s well documented hardiness to cold weather and furthermore it’s ability to stand in wet conditions for extended periods. This is particularly useful on exposed sites or in fields of cold, wet clay soil however, Timothy grass (like most other species) does not withstand extended periods under water.

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