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Contents ( 1.00 kg )
  • 100% Granular Fertiliser 5.00 Kg 6-9-6
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      Contents ( 5.00 kg )
      • 100% Granular Fertiliser 5.00 Kg 6-9-6
      SKU: GSS-PRE5

      Apply 6-9-6 Pre Seed Fertilizer prior to seeding or ideally during seedbed preparation at a rate of 35- 50 grams per square metre.
      6-9-6 gives the best start to all grass seed mixtures. If soils are particularly low nutrient, thin or sandy it may be an advantage to use 20-10-10 as a much stronger option.
      Our 5.00 Kg packs of fertilizer are supplied as mini granules (approx. 1 to 2 mm) to assist in a more even distribution over small areas.

      Allow 3 to 5 days before sowing the area to ensure dust from the fertiliser granules and the granules themselves are at least partially dissolved into the soil. This helps avoid any potential damage being caused to the delicate roots and/or stems of emerging seedlings being caused by direct contact with concentrated residues.

      Should the seedbed be particularly dry wait 3 to 5 days after significant rainfall or irrigate the area well 3 to 5 days before sowing.
      Applying 6-9-6 Pre Seed Fertilizer at exactly the same time as seeding grass mixtures can be successful but does carry some risk, especially if the seedbed is dry at the time of sowing and light rainfall occurs as the grass begins to germinate. This is far less of a concern with mid to late autumn sowings.

      Pre Seed Fertilizer is essentially non hazardous and non toxic but please take sensible precautions during use.
      See label for full details.